Homemade Studio

Studio lighting is something that can really enhance a photo and help pictures have a beautiful glow. For some assignments I really wanted to use a studio, but the only place I can really go is at school –  which I might not be able to go there all the time. Once I learned that we could borrow studio lights from Mr. Twitchell, I took hold of that opportunity.

In my room, I have a lot of wall space to mess with. But I have a crap load of furniture too. So my room looks like a construction zone at the moment, with all the furniture I moved from the wall. But thats the mess behind the beauty haha.

I’m a rookie in all this jazz so half of the time I don’t know what I’m doing, but I do it anyways, just for kicks and giggles.

Here was my set up:


I had a plain, white sheet that I hung up for the background, that besides its wrinkles, worked very well.


As seen, the lighting is very nice upon the sheet. After test shot, after test shot I moved the studio light so many times I thought I would never get it right. But I learned that for each different photo I take requires a different position of the light. It all depends.


Side view.

So far, its doing me good. I used it for the above post which is idioms. I’m still improving and working on it, but I’m very proud of how it is turning out!


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