Free Choice – Round Two

Jackson USA

This was one of the favorite shots that I took, which is why I posted it first. Looking at this photo, as my friend pointed out, it looks as if different texture overlays were put on this. But in reality, not at all. I took this logo off of a wheelbarrow in my backyard and the scratches and textures were there to begin with. In Photoshop however I did contrast the darks and the texturing stands out more. I dodged the whites and burned the edges ever so slightly. I made sure when I took the shot that I centered the focus point a little off from the direct middle for a type of “rule of thirds” feel, in a way.

Open Oppertunities

Aparently this photo looks like it’s suppose to belong on a Halmark “inspiration” card, according to Keely Brennan, which was her first response and impression. I took it as a complement however, considering that even though Halmark can be cheesy, it still doesn’t settle for cheap and crap photography. To me though, I didn’t find this shot I took too impressive. I wanted to capture the texture on the knob more than anything, and my original idea was to zoom in and crop on the lock..but I tried and it was too out-of-focus up close. So I decided to make this work. I had to fix quite a bit of the lighting and exposure. Only half of the knob was light and the other half was dark. But after playing and tweeking a bit with it, I got the best of both worlds and made it turn out ok.

Keys to my Heart

Iv’e shot piano photos before and I didn’t want to make it more of the same, so I took a different approach and perspective. This photo was a horrible mess in the beginning; it was slightly purple and the darks and lights were all the in wrong places. After trying to edit it to the best of my abilities, I decided to just go black or white or go home. I should have thought of this in the first place, because it worked out great.


Fall is here! and almost gone. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, in my opinion, so I had to capture the beauty in some way, shape, or form. I edited by darking the pavement so the leaves would shine out more.


One solitary leaf, making it through life – this is what this photo says to me. Maybe we are all lone leaves, fluttering and whisping our way through this vast void we call earth. It takes a lot of courage to fall from our comfortable tree, but fall we must because that is how we learn about the outside world. For this photo, not much was done. I edited levels and flipped the leaf upside down, just for a more waky look.

For these next photos containing the logs, my inspiration came here – 


In my inpiration, the logs in that photo are a straight shot, looking right at the cores, which I really loved. I had to work around a wheelbarrow however, trying to withstand the cold of the October day. I could have put more effort into taking all the logs out and trying it that way, and now looking back that what I should have done. But lesson learned for the future.

Top view

The logs here are slightly blurry, if noticable. In my search for my free choice, I thought I had a great set of photos to choose from. But what happened once I got to school and uploaded them? Blurry, ever single one. I was angry and upset that most of my shots didn’t work out. I decided to post a few of them anyways, probably out of spite and pride. Thinking that since I took the time to shoot these, something has to come out of them. Which something did. A lesson, of course. The next day I tried again, changing my aperture size and making SURE that all was well.

Wood #3

Here is another view point that I shot from. I cropped this photo in and dodged and burned.


Here is the finished version of the photo I took. The original is below. I spent more time on this than most of the other photo on this post probably because it was so difficult to work with. I used quite a bit of dodging and burning to help certain parts stand out and enhance the look and feel.

Feather Before

This was the before photo, and I fixed it all I could and then I resorted to black and white, above. I thought it would be nice to show the before photo of the arrow, since I talked about how much I changed it in the final image.

Playing with Sunlight – For these below photos I used contrast between light and dark on color. My inspiration - I got this website from last weeks assignment which was idioms. The photo in this site has an idiom of the word “iPod” – having a white and green background, with pea pods on one side and an actual iPod on the other. I like the humor in this, but I was basically noticing the background. For some reason it inspired me to create these below, because I liked the contrast of the different colors. These were shot towards the evening when the sun was getting ready to set but not quite there yet. The different light patterns coming in were due to my blinds and curtains.


Half & Half
I burned the dark side down a lot from the beginning. I wanted to make it completly dark. I lightened the green side also. I cropped in to exclude any distractions to just show half and half or the color balances.

Stripe of Color

These markings were light shining through my blinds. I liked this pattern a lot and wanted to capture the natural and soft lighting of the sun through a glass window.


The pattern on this was taken through screen. I was really focusing on pattens and different designs.


I liked the detail and craking of this old window seal.


My inspiration for this one – I’d recommend looking at this site, its really unique. Its the kind of photography I like taking.


One response to “Free Choice – Round Two

  1. Very nice post, nice write up to go with each of the images, have lots of links for inspiration.

    I really like the simplicity and abstract quality of the shadow images. Something different, showing that you are looking at things different and trying out new things.

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