ThanksGiving Break

Happy post-Thanksgiving! This is always a great time of the year, full of family, fall smells, and good food. Family always plays a huge part in my holidays, so I wanted to capture exactly that for this post. Through these photos I followed my family around the sun-lit kitchen when dinner was being prepared. My family is horrible at natural posing, therefore most of these photos are them looking at the camera. But they still turned out great! I really like this collection of photos. Some are fairly simple, some more busy. There’s a nice contrast of different lighting and perspectives. I went around for  20 minutes or so before our feast began and took as many shots as I could. I chose from the best and worked with what I got.

Here we Go!


I personally love this photo. Its my favorite, so that’s why I wanted to put it first. My favorite aspects of this photo is the sun flares. I love photos with sun flares and I’ve never been able to come out with a good photo of it. So when I opened up this picture, I was super psyched! I didn’t edit this too much; just bumped up the contrast and highlighted the brights. Notice the watermark? Heck Yeah! I made it myself and decided to give it a try. I’m digging it. What do you think?


Here’s a shot similar to the top photo, but just a different view. I really love the vibrant colors of the flares; the violets and pinks. The positioning of the boy is unique, since his face isn’t showing. This adds to the photo and adds a different look.


This is a very soft, black and white photo. I was looking at this more and realized that I would have loved this way more if I added a lens shift to it. It already has some sun flares though, which is good. But a slight lens tilt would have been awesome. This photo is slightly blurry, actually, so thats part reason that I turned it black and white. But i liked it enough to try and save it.


These are my beautiful role models. On the left is my sister Rachel with her husband Jared. They are wonderful people that I miss dearly. Rachel’s face in this photo isn’t the most flattering picture I’ve seen of her since she isn’t smiling. I liked the picture of Jared though, so I kept it. If she sees this and doesn’t like it enough, then I’ll probably get a talking too. Thats OK though 🙂 I love talking to her no matter what. I desaturated this photo since there was a lot if yellow cast in it. They are facing away from the light which bugs me since the detail in their faces aren’t clean and crisp. But yet it gives it a softer look.


This might seed posed but truthfully not. Rachel was doing something with Jared and I caught it in time. In the beginning, with a lot of these photos, the color red was dominate. I desaturated to add a soft look. The sun kind of blew out the background, which I tried to fix.


I thought this one was kind of cute. We learned that when taking pictures of children, its best to angle up. This makes the child look important and respected. I love the light patterns in the background and against the counter. I could have cropped in on the right a bit, but when I tried it, I didn’t like it too much. Max was hard to photograph since he moves around a lot.


This is more of the natural photos I got. His hand is blurred a bit, but its alright. It tells a story. These photos are just basically a collection of a life. I desaturated, darkened and dodged certain parts around this picture.


Im going to be honest, this isn’t my favorite photo. Its too posed. I’m learning through photographing people that there are different techniques to do to make it look super natural.


I think this is a pretty photo of my sister. I lightened and sharpened her eyes. With photoshop I desaturated the reds, but I didn’t want to turn it completely black and white. I really love the natural lighting thats going on.


This baby doesn’t like me that much, if you can’t tell. I turned it black and white because it was something different from the below photo. I sharpened her eyes and tried to lighten her face.


I took several shots of Halie but only about this two turned out. I kept this one in color to create contrast and see the difference between the two.


So I know that the shadow shows me with my camera, but I strangely liked this photo at the same time. Its just a difference angle and perspective. It looked more vintage black and white.


I REALLY like this one. When I was taking it, I was trying to just shoot my mother but looking back through the photos I saw the kissing couple and feel in love with this photo. I desaturated (again) because some of the colors were very strong.


Here’s my Mother ordinating the dinner flow of the counter. I kept this one in full color because it shows the richness of how vibrant this season is. This photo is a bit darker than I would have liked, but I still enjoy the different lighting, such as the stove light.


These next few are a series of plates and the dish ware before the big mess. I LOVE this photo black and white. It sorta in a way gives a film noir look. I love the light patterns and the contest of it against the dark.


Here is just a different look and perspective of the dinner plates. I was trying to capture everything that was going on around the kitchen. I desaturated but kept the color, since I wanted to show the difference.


I love the vintage look of this. The feeling I get off of it is very simple but yet complete. The detail in the table cloth is dominate and appealing. I burned and dodged the plates and lightening parts of the table cloth.


I was practicing my shadow work. I noticed that there was very strong shadows on the table so I wanted to try to get a really cool shadow look. I cropped in to help focus the attention of the viewer.


This is from the other side of the table, which gives a different perspective. Most the the above photos were shot from the other side, so I thought it would be neat to give the full view. I desaturated the colors.


More of the same, but different. I turned it black and white because I thought it was fitting.


Father and Son. I don’t like the shadows on the Dad’s face. I tried burning, then dodging but I figured it was just the certain angle I shot it from.


This one was just for fun. I have a different camera that has a panorama effect on it and I thought it would be fun! I like it black and white.


Here is where we are gathering for dinner. Technically it was lunch time when we ate though. The feast was amazing! This is of my family singing a few hymns of thanksgiving. This picture is important to me. It displays our religion and our love for each other.


By this time they were wanting me to put my camera down and join them. You can tell by their stares.


This is my mother and my father. In my house, cutting the turkey for the first time is special to us. I wanted to capture it. My dads hand is a but blurred, just because he was sawing that turkey pretty darn fast. I turned it black and white to get rid of the bright colors and focus the attention of the whole meaning of the photo.


A nap after the food.
THIS photo was one of the highest edited. Basically because of lighting. In my living room, where this was shot, the lamps give a yellowish glow that is not good for good camera lighting. I fixed the yellow, still didn’t like it. Turned it black and white, still didn’t like it. Then I got an idea to create a new layer and fill it will a brownish gray color. I then went to my effects menu and chose “lighten”. This blended the colors and gave the photo an antique-ish look. I love how it turned out.

So these net few photos are on a different day than thanksgiving. I was driving home one night from downtown and thought that I could get some cool shots through the wind shield. I like the light blurs, and thought that these turned out sort of neat! They aren’t nice and crisp but that’s not what I was going for. I didn’t edit these much because there wasn’t much to edit. So instead of writing individual paragraphs for each photo, I am just going to let you scroll through and think for yourself. All I did for all of them was adjust my levels for a darker look. My ISO was at 200. And don’t worry, there weren’t many cars around so I wasn’t in danger by taking these pictures. I was being very careful. I held the camera against my chest and took the photos blindly. So my eyes were on the road the whole time, yes. 🙂 Enjoy!








OK ill just say for this one I was at a stop sign with no one else around, so I took my time a bit it steading the camera. I wanted this one to be a bit more in focus. I really like it. Just now I thought that I could have turned it black and white. Wish I would have tried that.



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