Final Part 1 – Portfolio

For the first part of our EOCA, we had to put together 5 of our best photos this year. I actually had a hard time decision on what I which photos to choose, but I put together a small collection of what in my opinion is some of my best work.


This was my favorite self-portrait that I’ve shot. I set my camera on a tripod with self-timer all going. It took me a few shots to get the angle just right and where I wanted it to be. The day I shot this on was a rainy, gloomy day which added to the feeling I was striving to derive from the photo. I spread papers all over for more essence to the meaning and made sure all other distracting props were out of the way. The softness of the lighting is a contributing factor. Black and white draws the attention to the light, while color seemed to distract. I love how the chair has a sort of tilted shape to it. It adds dimension.


On a rainy day, similar to the day I took the photo above, my sun roof in my car was covered in perfect rain droplets. The natural design of the water is spectacular and amusing. I lightened the photo while adding contract. The shape of the photo almost looks as if its been wrapped, if this makes sense. This adds more feeling and leads away from feeling flat. I tried adding the outline of the droplets to make them stand out more.


I had this part of my thanksgiving post. The moment I took it, I knew it would be one of my favorites. My favorite factor is the sun flare. It adds the most beautiful glow. The way the light reflects of the dish ware draws the eyes in. Having the boy face away from the camera added great thought to the photo. The great thing is that, this posing is completely natural; I didn’t have him turn his back to me at all. I was able to find an opportunity to take it secretly. This photo truly shows the beauty of fall.

crick copy

I never put this in a blog post before, so it might not look familiar. I took this during the summer while traveling around the vast world of nature. I wanted to test the strength of my lens, so I zoomed in (quietly) on a grasshopper hiding in the grass. To my surprise the detail came out immaculate! I had to desaturate some of the greens because it was over powering. I added contrast and lightened. I cropped the photo also for a more tight look.


This was at the bottom of one of blog post earlier in the year. But it was not forgotten. I just can’t stay away from this photo; I’ve grown to love it so much. I believe myself to be drawn to environments with soft, dreamy lighting. I find myself there somehow. As far as the editing goes, I didn’t do much because I didn’t need to. I love the different shapes and lines the sun light makes as it is cast through the window pane. The detail of the seal adds wonder and feeling.


One response to “Final Part 1 – Portfolio

  1. I love that first image. that is one that I think I said I wanted to print out for the wall of fame, but never did. You need a print of it, that is a great image to keep to show kids (if you have any).
    Very nice collection, shows a variety of styles, editing techniques. You have talent, keep shooting.

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