Foreboding/Silence – Part 2

I was conflicted with what theme my pictures represented. I had an idea of what I wanted to do when I went out to shoot, but once I started editing and putting it all together, the theme foreboding came to my head. – All my photos in this collection depict a feeling of “something is going to happen”. That these photos are just bits and pieces to a greater story happening.

My inspiration played a large part in my ideas. First link here. In this photo I basically was interested in the sky in the background. I link the bleak, grey foreboding sense from this ocean scene. The next link is blocked by the school web but in these collection of photos, there is one in particular that is in the woods, which is one of the themes in my post, that is very creepy and foreboding with the hands coming from the trunk of the tree. Next is thee best creepiest, eeriest photo. I love it. I wanted to edit my photo like this but I wasn’t positive how to and the lack of time I have down plays on my researching for tutorials. But! A lot of inspiration came forth from it. Last link, I promise not too much more, is more of the same feeling and mystical aura. So without further a due, lets get into the photos, shall we?


On my searching, I found an old house that hash’t been lived in for quite awhile. I took my time to find objects and scenes that spoke to me. I propped this door open and made the photo feel as if you were about to walk in. I turned the photo black&white because doorways like this feel better in more desaturated colors. It added a antique-ish feel. I darkened my levels to hid distracting objects that I could’t physically move in the background, and also it added foreboding.


I am in love with this photo. For many reasons: the soft, menacing, and white light coming from the cracks of the doors. I love the contract of the lights against the dark. You can physically feel the stiffness in the air, the silence. This was in the old garage with the old appliances still there. I tried to add a lot of depth to this and increase the dark shadows against the whites. Whats behind the doors? Mystery.


Large Depth of Field – In the backyard of the abandoned palace, the weeds grew without any thought of stopping. There were stomped down patches of wheat everywhere like a giant came walking through. I zoomed and focused in on a the still standing stalks. My aperture was f/8. Not super small but small enough where the small detail on the plant is the only detail showing. The beginning of the photo was slightly blue. I added yellow to it and contracted. I made sure it was slightly off center to add more of an attractive look.


The scenery I was able to find was unbelievable because it all fit the theme I was heading for. Throughout most of these photos there is a feeling of “going somewhere” as if you could step into the photo and start walking in the direction it faced. I find myself feeling this way towards the above photo. Within nature there are patterns and pathways of beauty. The fence line along with the line of the trees compliments one another. I wanted to capture this. I dodged the straight line of grass and darkened the outsides to bring more depth. I love the texture you get from the ground and the fences. The gloomy day I shot this on was a great avantagement to the “silence” I was searching for.


I have always enjoyed the photos people take when its looking down on their shoes in a interesting scene. HERE is just an idea from it. I couldn’t find the exact photos I was thinking of to share for inspiration but this is somewhat close. I like the moskins against the leaves. The colors compliment each other beautifully. I did dodging and burning to bring the crackling detail of the leaves. I played with my levels quite a lot to get the desired effect I was going for. This is foreboding because one doesn’t know the person behind the scene or where they are.


I did something different with this one. As I was going for foreboding, I knew it had to have a sort of eerie and blurry feeling. I added a Gaussian blur and lowered the opacity to about 20%. This added more of a mystical look. It was my first time really playing around with the filter tool. I got the idea from the tutorials we did a week ago. In one of them I had to add a Gaussian blur. That came back to my mind when editing this photo.


Now we get into the pathway section of my foreboding adventure. This had a slight hue of pink within in it that I fixed and added back a bit of yellow for a warmer look. I added clarity to make the woods seem more dark and silent. The ice in the path shows that its deep winter. I love how you can see way down the path; it shows foreboding. The silence of the scene can be felt and soaked in.


Slow shutter speed – This doesn’t show motion exactly, but the settings I had to set to get this photo were slow shutter speed settings. 1/40 was my speed. I had to use this to get more light into the camera because it was getting dark outside. The photo makes it look as if the day was still light, but thats because of the slow shutter I used and a bit of editing. So I used slow shutter speed for a different purpose than my fellow classmates might have.

Here further down the path along a different spot. We start seeing a clearing to the left. The cold can be seen along with the wonder.


These are old, stone steps within the forest I came upon. It has an “aztec” look it has. Again, where is this going? The suspense is strong. I focused on the texture and the light against the dark. You can really see the oldness and  mold growing. The stains and the spots from years of abuse by weather. With the knowledge I have about these steps is that they are at least 50 years old, or more. But again thats just a guess. At first its hard to tell that these are steps, but I like that about it – causes you to think more and push your brain.


The pond was frozen over and chills ran down my back. The cold creeps in as the silence tells of foreboding. The aspects of this photo: the trees in the distance with snow and fog bring a sheer feeling of life. The ice reflects the last light of day. The texture is beauty. That is my favorite aspect.

I added yellows and desaturated the pinks. I added burning to the edges to bring the eyes to the lightness in the center. We are deep into winter.


One response to “Foreboding/Silence – Part 2

  1. Certainly have the feeling of silence in there. The three of the path, gets a bit repetitive. I think if you only use one of them, and were able to get a couple others.. different, perhaps an empty street at night, something like that would add to the collection.
    I really like the second image, great back light giving an eerie feeling.

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