Double Exposure

For the challenge of “trying something new”, I looked up inspiration to get me started. HERE was my biggest contributor to my ideas. I admire the work here beyond measure. I tried a lot of  these ideas for my own, some worked out well, some not so much. The ones that turned out the best is what I am showing today. I hope to be able to learn and experiment with the concept of these photos more later. THIS other link inspired my thought process as well. I love the work of these two photographers. Double exposure to me is just so haunting and beautiful. – I love creating it. Lets take a look.

For these next three photos, I used the same concept but they differ from the different blending modes and overlays I used. In the description I will name exactly what mode I used and get more detailed with that.

How I did these photos is really quite simple. First I took my original picture of a studio shot and turned it black and white. Next, I took branches and placed it over and blended it with different options. I then set a mask on that layer and started to critically mask around the girl’s face line. After I got this were I wanted, I lowered the opacity of the girl’s layer to were is wasn’t visible anymore. To add effects, I added a new layer and filled it with a pale brown. I then used more blending moods to fade it and add color without it being so striking.


The main blending mode I used for this photo was “screen”.


The blending mode I used was “darken”. This one is one of my favorites out of the three.


Here I used “hard light”. I love the prosession of branches falling down her back.


Original Photo


Texture and Overlay

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.16.49 AM

Here is screen shot of some of the process and the layers pallet. Here I am in the process of masking out the branches to match the face shape.

Next Project! LINK there and HERE. For this photo I took my foreground portrait and and a photo of Coeur d ‘Alene lake, and simply combined them. I lowered the opacity on the boy so that it looks more like a silhouette. I played with the levels and added a hue of pink. I blended using “screen”.


There were stripes on his shirt that I ended up painting over because they were too distracting. Thats basically all the hard core editing I did. I added a cloud texture to the background also.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.23.12 AM

Screen Shot. – Just a look into the process. Not too many layers built up, but we see the background, the adjustment layers, the masking, and the pink hue I added.


Chase Portrait. I played around with the lighting to try and get a more silhouette look.

For this double exposure below, I tried to go more simple. I was trying different techniques and patterns. I really enjoy this one. I turned both photos black and white, and contrasted the birds to stand out. I went into Filter > Render > Photoshop Effects to add a soft light to make it look a bit washed out.


THIS I love. The main photo I was inspired from had the  simpler idea but the man was covered with cigarette buds. Figuring out that I didn’t have any buds of my own (which is good, haha) I thought rocks would be an interesting overlay. Editing is one and the same as some of the above photos. – Masking out and lowering opacities.



Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.36.09 AM

Screen Shot of both photos I used.

Below is a very… Interesting one. But I ending up liking it. In my link I put in the caption, it is a photo of a lion with the exposure of a butterfly behind it. Since I don’t have pet lion and butterflies have long gone to hibernate, I used what was somewhat similar and my own. My cat, which thinks and acts like he is a lion, was a great background. Finding some pretty flowers in my kitchen, I made two very simply pictures turn into something odd and unique.


HERE is the picture I went off of. I used the blending “overlay” and the lowered the saturation to soften the harsh reds.

Next photo, I wanted to create a sense that she was fading into the trees. The forest was my background for this one, and the portrait on top. I used a series of different blending options to find the right one. I then set the opacity of my masking brush on low and went over her face to get a flat look, while I let her body be more dominant. I then used Photoshop Effects, like one of the photos above, and highlighted the bottom left corner. I added a high resolution texture and blended.


Finished product.


Portrait of Keely Brennan. Great model.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 3.21.36 PM

Screen shot in Photoshop of the trees I used. I edited this pretty drastically however. The original photo had a road going down the middle which I clone stamped the branches and trunks to cover. I wanted a strict forest scene.

I used some of my older photos for this. My water droplet photo which can be found in some of my earlier posts, and a portrait I took of Keely Brennan earlier in the year. I edited this very slightly. Basically just combined the photos and lowered opacities.



One response to “Double Exposure

  1. Fantastic post. Great images, great write-ups, … fantastic. Keep it up. Great images, really like that you are trying things that are out of your safe zone. It shows you are growing as a photographer.

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