Frequency Separation

Trying this new was of editing was strange at first. There were more steps and more in-depth ways of using Photoshop than I was used to. It opened my mind to the things Photoshop can do and all the endless possibilities. One thing I really like about editing, is that there isn’t just one way to do it. There are countless tutorials on trying to accomplish one thing. So it’s nice to have your options.

So for these below photos, I used the tutorial by  provided by my teacher. It’s hard to describe in detail about what the tutorial went into and the whole process, but the main idea and focus was on skin editing. Using the RGB scale, I isolated the different hot spots, and then turned the photo black and white to begin smoothing the skin and fixing blemishes.


Here is the outcome of my first attempt at frequency separation. I thought it came out rather well. I furthered my editing with a dodge and burn tutorial by We practiced this dodge and burn technique earlier in the year, but I thought I could bring it back and incorporate it into this editing assignment. It added a lot of depth to the photo than it was before.


Here I turned the photo black & white just for another look. It softened the contracted colors and draws the eye in. High colors sometimes distract the real quality of the photo. I love how soft the white light makes her face look. With every black and white photo, you have to go in and fix the levels, which is what I did.


Here is the original photo, not even cropped yet. She didn’t have many blemishes to begin with. But I was able to make everything look even and blend the colors. Wish I could have put a background light on though. It was too dark.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.37.31 AM

There were countless layers I used and I could screen shot them all. But these two in my opinion were the most interesting. She kinda looks like a demon of some sort, I know. But turning the picture like this, helped you focus on fixes blemishes instead of worrying about skin tone yet. I used the healing brush and very finely fixed the darker blemishes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.37.39 AM

This one is where I went in to fix the skin tones and blend them all together by using blurring methods. I selected different parts at a time and softly blended the darker tones with the light. I learned a lot through these methods, and I’m positive I will use them again.


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