Our assignment this week was to practice the art of levitation. I love this assignment usually, because the possibilities of what you can do, are endless. I’ve done levitation countless times in the past and even did it for my surrealism post awhile back. Its fun and easy. This week however I was pressed for time. I won’t be at school on Friday, so that limited my time even more. We had to get one levitation photo from out of the class, and one in the studio. I wish I could have taken at least two weeks to get these photos done, because I could have done so much more. But this is what I got for the little time I had, and I’m proud of it.

The inspiration links for these photos are HERE and HERE. These photos got my mind going. I like the motion in these photos and the “real” feeling you get.

This is my first try at home, below. I had the idea of someone floating over to the window to see if someone had arrived yet. I set my camera on a tripod and tried a lot of practice shots. I had to get the right angle before I started shooting. I set up two chairs that I sat upon and took a stool to keep my feet up. I almost fell over in the process many times. It wasn’t the most sturdy of foundations to sit on. I had to make sure that I put my feet on the very edge of the stool so I would have a weird cropped out foot when I masked the stool out. You always have to make sure that all parts of you are visible. The aspects I really like about this, is the lighting. I love the window light coming in and casting its shadows. I LOVE natural lighting. I live for it. I contrasted this photo and darkened the outline. There were posters on the wall behind, but they were too distracting. Taking them out was a big job. I took me all class to get it just right. First I was going to paint over them, but then the texture was gone. So I ended up using the cloning tool and the patch tool. I blended it all together to look natural.


Below is the photo with the props in it. The posters are showing, the chair, and the stool. It was dirty so I had to put a towel under it.


Here is my in class shoot. I rushed to get this one, I have to be honest. Today was my last day to get it done and edited. My friend did a superman themed one, which I though was pretty clever. The studio we had to work with was fairly small, plus the fact that I didn’t have a tripod. I used my wits and stacked some stools on each other and while balancing my elbows, took two shots. I was planning to blacken out the background anyways so I wasn’t too worried about camera shake.

In the studio, I hung a black background that draped down to the floor. I overlapped the photos, first taking the stool out. I then started to paint the excess background out with black. I edited with levels and contrast. I added a high resolution texture that had scratches. I blended it with lighten mode.

In Class

Below is the original photo with the props. Nice broom in the background, I just noticed that. It’s nice to see the comparison of the edited version and the raw shot.



One response to “LEVITATION

  1. Great images and very nice post. Great to include all images used as well as the links.
    Very nice.

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