Spring Break

Over break the weather was beautiful. Everyone came out of their grim and gloomy feelings once the sun starting showing itself again. Happiness was seen on many faces. I took the liberty of adventuring the outdoors with my mother on one sunny day. We went downtown along the dike road, which is a usual, fun date for us, and we soaked in the beauty of Coeur d’ Alene Lake. These next few photos are the collection of what I took. Take a look 🙂 Inspiration – click here, here, and here. These are a collection of lake and landscape photography that inspired me.


For most of these photos, I used a new technique I found in photoshop. There are different tutorials on how to create a filter and I’ve tried these many of times. But in my opinion, they just take too long, when the results can be found in a much easy way. By accident I clicked a button I never have before in the adjustments panel, and voila! Instant warming filter! I got super excited and started going back through all my photos and adding the same effect and trying different ones from the drop down menu as well. It was a small change, but added a lot.


The above one is one that I almost chose to enter the congressional contest for. I love the people down on the sand. I believe this tiny aspect adds depth.



I added black and white to this and then warmed in a bit to have a brownish-tint to it. A more antique, old feeling.


I loved the strong shadows the trees made across the ground. The sunlight coming through the trees is beautiful. Speaks of a mystical morning of the lake.  I added a warming filter to this since the colors were slightly dull in the beginning.


My favorite aspect of this is the person pointing in the far corner. I darker the sand and land area to just have a silhouette feeling.


This photo looks a little washed out because I was trying something different. I wanted a more vintage look. I like the sun flare and the people in the background.


The ground at the beach is always rocky. We don’t have the joy of super nice sand here. Basically its just rocks. I like the direction of shadowing on the rocks.


This photo (above) is the one I entered into the contest. I wish we could have entered several different photos, because after I this was entered, I realized I had so many other photos to choose from. But I still enjoy this one. Its simple. Shows the beautiful of Idaho.


I enjoy the sun flare in this. I remember the time we did tutorials on free-range lensing, and this was one of my favorite aspects. I also like how there is the aspect of the lake and the woods.


To wrap this up, I wanted to say that through studing photography, you see things in a whole new light that you never thought was possible. I’ve caught myself looking for and noticing tiny, minimal details of light, fabric, color, shape, texture, and even sound. If a moment is captured perfectly, sound can be heard through it. Wind and ocean spray hit the side of your face. For that moment in space, while simply studing a photography, you escape as you would in a book; a beloved children’s story. For that moment in time, you’re free.

For the next section of pictures, I went hiking on Canfield with some of my closest friends and thought it would be a great opportunity to try and get some good shots of the city and forest. This day was super fun! I went with Ben, Bryan, Bella, Emily, and Jarom. We hiked for a bit but then didn’t know what trails to take so we ended up just guessing and getting lost, haha. To top it all off, it started to rain. We got off the mountain eventually and returned safely. It was quite an adventure and very enjoyable. Inspiration link – HERE. This website is a slideshow full of hiking photography and geographical locations. I loved adventure photos like this. They probably inspire me the most.


The shaded forest is solitude. Peace is found within the branches and thickets. I took this when we stopped to eat lunch.

DSCN0780 copy

The sky in this photo above is my favorite aspect. Theres a lot of contrast between colors and the clouds pop. The path right here lead to a dead end, which is shown later down the post.


This is overlooking Dalton Gardens and beyond. The view from here was amazing; I didn’t want to leave. Theres something about being “on top of the world” that takes your cares away. Its like taking a break from your problems and taking a step back.


I wanted a shot of the tall trees against the blue sky. Nature in harmony.


Some of these photos are just fun shots of my friends. This was when we took a break, trying to figure out which trail to take. I like the strong shadows in here.


Here is my friend Bella over looking the scenery while taking a drink. I wanted to try something different with the over look of the photo. I didn’t want to just turn it black and white, but I wanted something different. I added a brownish, antique-ish color to it.

DSCN0791 copy

Here is another landscape shot. The memory of the view still amazes me.


Buddies walking down a lonely path. I like the shadows of them waking. Shortly after this, they started tackling each other. Boys…

DSCN0795 copy

We found an abandoned fire pit that was really neat. Like boys do, they started taking it apart and throwing the pile of walking sticks we found off the cliff. I did join in on this, which I enjoyed. I had a photo of them throwing, but you couldn’t tell that they threw something since it was so far in the distance. In the above photo, I really liked how the shading on the trees made patches and patterns of light across the ground.


This is Bryan being Bryan. He was naturally standing like this but then moved. I liked the pose so much that I made him move back. I like his manly pride.


Our hiking adventure was a memorable experience. With photography, my main focus point is capturing memories, and the people I love. I love the people I went with; their my family.


One response to “Spring Break

  1. How did the links inspire you? What about them are you trying to emulate/copy?
    Great color in these images, very once rich color, deep depth of field… nice images to be proud of. Nice post.

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