EOCA (#2) – Portfolio

What a wonderful year this has been. It gives me mixed feelings on seeing it go. I’m ready to move on, but it’s hard for me to let go of memories. When life stays in one frame for so long, it’s difficult to adjust to the new swing of things. Each day I’ve grown accustom to waking up early and coming to school. As much as I complain and grumble about this prison, by the end of summer I’ll be dying to come back. Happens every year without fail. It’s funny how the things we complain about most in life, we end up missing and wondering how in the world time possibly went that fast. One day I’ll be grown up living in my own home with a husband and possibly children and looking back at this time right now, it will seem as if it was a dream. But for me right now, it feels more than real and I can’t imagine ever forgetting the feelings I have now and the experiences I’ve had. But one day it will pass by, and I’ll be sentimental. These years are precious, I know. My goal each day is to live up to the potential that I have before me and to love the life I was granted. I am more blessed than I give credit for. And I believe that we all will never fully grasp how blessed our small lives are. The mere fact that we exist is a miracle. We need to treat it as such.

Now on to the assignment after that longer than needed rant. Thanks for staying patient. This EOCA is similar to the one in first semester with a few altercations. This post is my portfolio of the year. Or for any year really. I am supposed to show my best 10 photos and show what they mean to me. I am proud of my work this year. I have learned more about photography than last year and have excelled in my talents while further developing them.

Here is a compilation of some of the best work I’ve done. There is a mixture of different techniques and genres of photography. I tried to pick from different categories and show varies styles.



This was one the best photo shoots I have done. I found this background and fell in love with it. I saw a vision of what I could turn it into, and grabbed a model. This was in the class studio, using studio lights such as a soft box. I love the detail that came out and the dimension that is seen. I raised contrast and raised the highlights. I made the shadows more deep and darker the edges to create a vignette.


This was part of my frequency separation practice. I really liked how it turned out. The tutorial I used was pretty helpful and descriptive on what to do, but I also had to figure most of it out. Frequency separation is basically skin touching. It’s a special technique of fixing blemishes without making the skin look fake. It isn’t even supposed to look flawless, because if you take all the flaws away, it starts to look plastic. I’m proud of what I did accomplish.



Poor Mans Macro. I am learning to love this technique because there’s always room for improvement. This is a photo of blades of grass. Close-up there are flowers blooming from the ends.


My post before this one went into detail about my poor man macro. This was thorns on a rose bush. My favorite aspect is how the background is completely blurred, just keeping the green color. Part of the thorn is in focus while some of it is fading to blurry.



This was also in a previous blog post, in my free choice #2, I believe. Our challenge was to try something different and new. I took this challenge and looked up inspiration. I found really neat photos of double exposure; combining two photos over each other to create something new. For this double exposure, I used two photos; a studio portrait and the branches shot. Using overlay, I masked out the branches to match the face shape. I really like how this turned out. I added a cream background.


This is a blast from the past from my surrelism post. This creation was a lot of work and dedication. I was able to make my vision come true.

The Crime

Film Noir. This is more of a mystery/story photo. That assignment was super fun to do and I was able to get creative with it. In this, it was late at night downtown. I used a flood light as the source; I wanted very sharp, dark shadows.



We as a class went on a field trip to Silverwood to take pictures to make an advertisement. I really like how this photo looks sorta like a toy set. It looks a bit HDR and I really like it. It’s because I used different techniques with the curves and levels. I bumped up the contrast and clarity.


This was in the tunnel, going under the freeway to get to the entrance of the amusement park. I thought it was pretty neat to get a shot of the light at the end of the tunnel with the crowd walking towards it. I darkened the shadows and brought the whites out more.



Our class had quite a few assignments dealing with anti-bulling ads. Last year we learned how to make posters, but this year we actually put it to a real test. The posters we made this year were printed out and hung around the school. I smile every time I see mine in the hallway. I worked hard on this particular poster. I liked experimenting with different fonts and seeing which ones flowed together the best. I really enjoy working with text and online calligraphy.




One response to “EOCA (#2) – Portfolio

  1. Strong portfolio. Great images, the first portrait is great. Very, very nice light and pose.

    and you are right, mixed feelings this time of year- excitement yet sadness all at the same time.

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