For my theme I chose “living”. In this world of sorrow and strife, beauty is found in the little details of life. This is what I wanted to portray. In my photography career I have always found myself leaning towards a certain type of photography. For some reason I love ‘real’ pictures; one that it seems like you are actually there. Photography tells a story. It can illuminate the most simplest aspects of life, like maybe the way the sunlight is hitting the kitchen tile. Or how the sheets of your bed lay in disarray. There is power in pictures. I want to be able to produce photography that one can look at and feel peace; feel comfort. For my post today, I tried to shoot moments of time that someone else might not see as important or beautiful. But to me they are, because it’s part of my life. I want to share the moments of my life and help others discover what’s beautiful about their own.


Here is an inspiration to a photo of a lady sitting in window light, sentimentally. This showed me how soft window light or natural light can look upon a subject.  Here is a website that I found completely fascinating. I originally wanted to try for myself the idea here but because of different challenges, I had to change my theme. I plan to try this type of photography out sometime in the near future however. But this website was the beginning of my thinking. Next is a beautiful collection of photography and a journal write. It talks about how we are all humans and what this life is really for. Last but not least, is a time lapse photography site. When researching ideas for “living” I enjoyed looking at sky pictures and space. Because the great unknown is a big part of life. I was able to feel of the beauty of this planet.

The journey begins here.


In the cool shade, I lied in the grass pondering. I closed my eyes and felt the fresh breeze sweep through my hair. I soaked in this moment. I saw the light through the leaves and caught my breath. How can nature be so breathtaking? For this photo I brought different contracts out and highlighting different aspects to get a softer look. I used my levels to darken the shadows and reversed shaded.


Portrait. I turned my back to the light as I had my focus face the light to get nice lighting. I had to shoot at a constant speed to keep up with the energy in this child. I love how soft the natural light looks. Its what I was aiming for. When I contrasted this photo too much, the light on his chin was blown out and all red. I had to go back and redo the levels making sure I had the balance of light vs. dark. I sharpened his eyes, which are beautifully blue. Max has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, seriously. He is going to be a lady killer. In this he was looking up at his mother with love.


In life, there is love. Especially that of a mother. During this photo shoot, I didn’t have to pose anyone or tell anyone how to smile or look. Thats what I love the most; it’s all natural. I turned this black and white so the bright colors wouldn’t distract from the meaning. Leah is my sister, whom I love dearly. She is living with for a short season until she can move back with her husband. I will miss her when she’s gone. Leah is one the most loving mothers I know.


Motion. Max was wearing his superman cape which I thought was super cute. He loves to run back and forth through the yard and I took this chance to stand back and shoot. One thing I don’t like in particular is how the subject is darker than the background. The background was too green and bright which I was able to fix.


It’s a hot Sunday afternoon while traveling down the quiet road of 16th. All I could hear was the distant hum of lawn mowers and crickets singing. I held my camera out my sunroof and blindly shot this. I really love how soft it looks and the detail of the shadows on the road. Before this photo was completely washed out, but I was able to bring back the detail and colors and create a sort of filter over it using my levels.


My favorite aspect of this photo and one the main reasons I chose this one, is the sun flare. I love sun flares and it looks really good with the sunglasses. I brought out the highlights in the hair and made it look softer and lighter. I don’t know exactly why I’ve grown so attached to this photo, but I have. It just shows adventure to me.


A lazy day at the park. This is the feet of my best friend, Ben. We were laying on a big quilt under the shade, while overlooking the activity of people. It was Sunday and he still had his church clothes on. In my remembrance of this day, the memory is portrayed exactly by this photo. I look at this and I remember the memory of that warm, sunday afternoon. I softened the greens and lowered the overblown highlights.


Large Depth of Field. Every thing is in focus while the main focus of the photo is to the side. Looking a bit closer, we see that Hallie has only one shoe on. I couldn’t keep that shoe on for the life of me. It seemed to always slip off and disappear. I love the late afternoon sun hitting the pavement and house creating intense shadows and lines. This was taken on Saturday.


Inside the house now, taking a different approach. Hallie was running around like crazy being cute for the picture. My camera had a small depth of field setting on it at the time, so the floor boards came out to be the part that was most in focus. But once I turned it black and white, you couldn’t tell as much.


I wanted to show the beauty of their eyes, and show the detailing of freckles. Part of life is the small details. This was taken with window light. My body was blocking half of the light on the left boy’s face which I didn’t particularly like. But I think it turned out alright. I sharpened their eyes and highlighted their features.

To end, thank you Mr. Twitchell for a fantastic year in Photo 4. I have learned so much from you and the class. I will take my knowledge forth into the world and try and make it a better place.






One response to “EOCA (#2) – LIVING

  1. The black and white with the girl looking up, great image. Simple, no distractions, good light on her face. Nice image.
    Thank you for being part of the class. Trying to make the world a better place is all I really want and hope that each of you will do. I have no doubt that you will make the world a better place- you have drive and conviction. Don’t be a stranger.

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